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Samsung Smart TV Apps

Samsung smart TV apps are popular these days, how to download apps on Samsung smart tv around the world, Its easier to use as most of the apps come in the preloaded version. There are a lot of good apps available for Samsung smart tv and it enables you to watch free movies in HD with many resourceful features.

1. Smart Youtube TV

Smart Youtube TV is very popular among Smart Tv applications, most of the time we watch YouTube and it is full of annoying advertisements. If you want to watch 4K resolution on your 1080p smart TV, it is available for Samsung Smart TV apps.

Smart Youtube TV


Install this app and it will allow you to choose which resolution you want to play the video in. This app is currently not available on the play store or app store you need to install an apk manually and after installation, after which it may ask for crosswalk which you need to select in order for it to work perfectly you can visit here to activate your youtube.

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  • 4k resolution.
  • This type of youtube contains no ads.

Download Smart Youtube Tv

2. Movie HD

Movie HD is very good when it comes to Best Samsung smart TV apps. This app is basically the free version of Netflix which enables you to watch any movie you want without any ads in full HD.

Movie HD


The app contains only HD Bluray rips of the movies which means you can watch movies in very high resolution.


  • Movies are updated daily.
  • Watch in full HD quality.

Download Movie HD

3. RedBox TV

RedBox Tv is similar to the live net tv and it can serve as an alternative for your Samsung Smart tv. You can find many movies from the live net tv just as it’s like Redbox Tv but they are not the same.

RedBox TV


It contains movies in the UK, US, Indian and even Pakistan channels for everyone using the Samsung smart Tv with different players you wish.


  • Over 1,000 channels are available.
  • There are ads because it’s completely free.
  • Full HD resolution playback.

Download RedBox Tv

4. Aptoide TV

Aptoide Tv is not available on the play store or Samsung app store you can install this third-party app store via Apk Pure or any reliable channel.

Aptoide TV


You can also get some best Samsung smart TV apps for your smart tv from Aptoide as it serves as an app store for Android Tv.


  • Unlimited free download.
  • Many useful apps are available.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.

Download Aptoide TV

5. Live Net TV

Live Net Tv shows different Tv shows, movies, and Drama more frequently. The app is free to use and there are over 850 channels with different categories to choose from.

Live Net TV

There are thousands of video contents updated daily to meet users feed needs. Most of the channels are premium such as Sony channels and Star channels on the App. Most users prefer this App to other Apps because of their video content.


  • No signup is required and completely free.
  • External player support also available.

Download Live Net TV


Samsung Smart Tv Apps are more than the above listed, we only discussed the recommended and most trending smart Tv apps for you. you may be wondering how to download apps on Samsung smart tv, follow the steps above and you will get it.

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