Best Repost App for Instagram iOS and Android

Repost on Instagram is one of the most useful social media platforms in this 21st century, where it has over a billion user with active users. Instagram is the second most active social platform after Facebook, it has different social tools which helps users to engage with each other, unlike Facebook it doesn’t have the ability to repost like how we share content on Facebook and retweet on Twitter. Many App developers see this as a necessity and developed several “Repost apps for Instagram” for both Android and iOS devices.

I will be showing you different methods to repost for Instagram where you can share photos and videos from another user to your Instagram wall.

5 Best Repost App for Instagram iOS and Android

Here are some recommended Apps to repost on Instagram, some of these Repost Apps contains ads and some contain a watermark, where you have to pay a fee to remove the watermark or ads.

Repost For Instagram Apps

1. Repost For Instagram

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iOS
  • Rating: 4.6

This is one of the recommended reposting apps for iOS devices, it is only available for iOS devices and all you have to do is to copy the link of the post you intend to repost and the app will grab the link automatically and ask for your permission to repost.

Repost for instagram

Repost for Instagram automatically copies all the captions and tags of the link you intended to repost for iPhone users, it’s strongly recommended to use this app.

Download Repost for Instagram


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2. Regram

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Android/iOS
  • Rating: 4.6

Regram is a simpler app to repost your intended video or post on your Instagram wall. Regram for Instagram is also new on the Android and iOS App Store and Playstore. It is has been downloaded my million users already.

repost on instagram

With Regram you can repost multiple photos or video into your story or feed at a goal. It can also serve as an Instagram messenger where you can send a message via the App.

Download Regram for Android

Download Regram for iOS

3. Repost

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Android
  • Rating: 3.3

This app does very good work in reposting Instagram repost, it has a rating of 3.3 and its a recommended App for reposting. The Repost app has a very good interface. Simply tap on the post options (three-dot icon on the right top corner of the post) and tap copy link, it will automatically grab the link to the post you intend to share on your Instagram wall.


Download Repost


4. Repost it

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: iOS / Android
  • Rating: 4.7

This “Repost It” app is designed by digest, this App is very good and with 4.7 ratings so far with a good number of downloads on both iOS and Android platform. It has the ability to repost stories and it has a good number of publishing tools and premium features.

repost for instagram

With this App,  simply open it and login with your Instagram account it has similar features like the Instagram App itself, where you can like and repost as a special feature, every other features are the same with the Instagram App itself. You can post your content without any hassle and it doesn’t contain watermarks like some other Repost for Instagram App with you need a pro version.

Download Repost it For Android

Download Repost it For iOS

5. Regram Posts

  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Android
  • Rating: 4.4

Regram Post has over 5 Million downloads on google play store, its one of the most used Repost App on Android has it trends on the weekly download page on Playstore. The app has some unique features which are rare among another repost app, the unique feature is the ability to post HD quality pictures and video from a private account with good editing tools to finish any editing. The Regram Post also have the ability to schedule your posts for you.

regram posts

Download Regram Post

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