How to Use Instagram App on Windows

instagram app for windows

Instagram app for Windows is very much possible using a third party App like Bluestacks. There are other methods you can use when using Window 7, Window 8, and Window 10, though Window 7 is out of receiving an update from Window updates as they have been de-listed by its mother company.

There has been speculation and doubt about using the Instagram App by its users as its not mobile like our smartphones, the convenience was once a concern. Still, there are many users who very conform to their Pc as they use it as a means of working like in the corporate world. Some find it difficult to install as they know little or nothing about the configuration of their PC. They needed to know what bits fit the App they need, is it 32-bits or 64-bits.

There are different ways of installing Instagram on your Window or PC. I will show you gradual steps on how to install Instagram on your PC using an Emulator called bluestacks. Though there are different emulator out there I do recommend bluestacks for a start.

Note: You can also use the official Instagram App from, but it has its limits as you may find it difficult to send or read a direct message usually called “DM”, that’s more of a reason to use an emulator to have the App in form of a Smartphone on your Windows or PC.

How to Use Bluestacks for Instagram App

As earlier stated, bluestacks is a mobile emulator like Nox, They are usually used as a medium for Apps to work on Windows or Pc gadgets, It is very important to use recommended emulators as they can make your PC lag.

1.   First step os to download and install bluestacks on your Window or PC by visiting the Bluestacks official website

2. After the installation is complete, click the Finish button as described in the image below, in the red rectangle and also select the language preference that best suite you.

Instagram App for windows


3. The next steps will be to login into your Gmail account so to enable you to have access to play store and other google products.

4. Click on the Google Play store


4. Once you have successfully set up your emulator(Bluestacks) successfully and your google account is logged in, a new page will show up and you will need to click on the search icon and search for Instagram and select the Instagram App.

Instagram App for windows

5.  After clicking on the Instagram icon, you will be directed to the Instagram page and follow suit the installation process. Instagram will be downloaded on your Window system.Instagram App

6. Click on the Instagram icon and Create New Account or sign in depending on your status quo.

Instagram App

instagram app for windows


You can conveniently use the Instagram App for windows or PC at will, especially those who find it hard to operate their phones while working with the use of Bluestacks.

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