How to Reset icloud Password | Reset iCloud Password

how to reset your icloud password

If you don’t have your trusted iOS device nearby, you can always reset your password by requesting an account recovery, just learn how to reset iCloud password. It’s best to use it when your device is lost or stolen and you want to access your account while denying access to people who claim to be you.

Reset iCloud password

Everyone with an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple Watch has an Apple ID. It is important to take full advantage of Apple products such as the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Music and iCloud. However, an Apple ID isn’t the only account with credentials you need to monitor these days. Therefore, you may always forget some login information, for example, your important password.

Reset your password using the Apple ID account / Reset Icloud password page
  •  To get started, go to reset your apple username password and click Apple ID or Forgot Password in the middle of the page.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will need to enter your Apple ID or the email address associated with the account. Click Next, then select I need to reset my password.
  • Now you can choose how to reset your password, either by email or by answering a series of security questions. Which option you really choose depends on your personal preferences.
  • If you choose the email method, Apple will be asked to send instructions to the primary email address you used to start this process, or to a backup email if you signed up. I decided one. You know the email has been sent when you see the “An email has been sent” page with a large green checkmark. If you can’t find the email, check your junk, junk and junk folders, or repeat the above steps to forward the email. To answer security questions, you must confirm your birthday and answer the questions above before you can create a new password.

Using two-factor authentication

Once you’ve configured and enabled two-factor authentication, which is different from two-step verification, resetting your password is even easier because you can reset your password directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple account page Trust ID. If you are not sure if you have reliable devices, don’t do it. When you configured two-factor authentication, you created trusted devices. An access code must also be activated for all iOS devices.

Reset your iOS device / Icloud email password

  • Go to Settings>>Your name>> Password and security.
  • Tap Change password.
  • You will be asked to enter your password and then enter your new password.

Use Apple ID account page / reset iCloud password

  • Go to and enter the trusted phone number. Sent when you configured two-factor authentication.
  • Select Next to send a notification to your trusted iPhone, iPad, or iPod.
  • When you receive the notification on your iOS device, tap Allow.
  • Follow the given steps, enter your password and reset your password.

Forgot iCloud Password and Can Not Access Email

Follow the steps below and you will be able to learn how to reset iCloud password. how to reset icloud password

  • If you follow the steps to reset your password on iForgot or iOS, you should see an option to request account recovery.
  • Enter a number. You can be contacted when your account is ready and then enter the verification code sent to verify your information. After confirmation, you will receive confirmation that your request has been received and you will be contacted when your account is ready.
  • After a while, your account will be ready and we will contact you via SMS or contact.
  • Go to, enter your Apple ID and confirm the phone number. that you used in step two.
  • You will receive an account recovery code via SMS or contact, which must be entered in the field provided for iForgot.
  • Click Next and you will be redirected to a new page where you can create a new password, check your trusted phone number and log in.

If you use two-step verification

If you used 2-step verification when you forgot your Apple ID password, you need a trusted iOS device that was created when you first set up 2-step verification and your recovery key for reset your password.

  • Go to and enter your recovery key. If you have lost or forgotten your password, click here.
  • Choose a reliable device to get a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code provided.
  • Create a new password and then choose Reset Password.

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Reset your iCloud password

If none of the above steps worked and you have verified the status of the Apple system, the next thing to do is change your Apple ID password. It is a shame, but it often solves the problem. Changing your password is easier on your Mac.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Click on “Reset Password”.
  • Enter your Apple ID and click Next.
  • Select Email Authentication or Answer security questions and click Next.
  • Click Reset password in email or enter security questions.
  • Enter a new password in the New password and Confirm password fields.
  • Click Reset password.
  • Now try entering the new password on your iPhone when prompted. This should be accepted by the iPhone and fix the problem.

How to reset your Apple ID password

If you forget your Apple ID password, go to the Apple iForgot website and enter your Apple ID username.

If you haven’t enabled two-step verification, you can reset your password by replying to an email sent to the addresses you provided when you registered with Apple, or by responding to Three security features Provide the questions asked when creating your Apple ID.

  • You must also provide your date of birth if you are using the last option.
  • You can reset your password or find your Apple ID on the iCloud Password website
  • When choosing the email reset option, keep in mind that you only have three hours to respond before the reset request is cancelled.

If you enabled two-step verification, you will be prompted to enter the recovery key created by enabling two-step verification. Once you do that, a confirmation code will be sent to one of your trusted devices or an SMS will be sent to you. You cannot reset your password without this code.

If you have lost your two-step verification code and have forgotten your password, you are out of luck. According to Apple, the only way is to start over with a new Apple ID.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Click on “Reset Password”.
  • Enter your Apple ID and click Next.
  • Select Email Authentication or Answer security questions and click Next.
  • Click Reset password in an email or enter security questions.
  • Enter a new password in the New password and Confirm password fields.
  • Click Reset password.

Forgot your Apple ID password?

If you use your Apple ID when you buy apps and music on your iPhone or iPad, you can find the details of your Apple ID in “Settings”>>”iTunes and App Stores”. You can also find your Apple ID in Settings>>iCloud>>Account.

You can also visit the iForgot page and click “Forgot your Apple ID?”. Shortcut. You will then be asked to provide your first and last name, as well as the email address used for the account (as well as the previous email addresses that are also saved with your Apple ID). This can be useful if you are not sure. You can access your email.). An email will then be sent to reset the password to the email addresses used for the account.

When two-factor verification is set up, you will be asked to re-enter the recovery key, Follow the steps as described above on how to recover the password.

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