How to Flip a Picture | How to Flip a Picture on iPhone

how to flip a picture on iphone

You must have tried taking a good selfie, just to find that your picture has been flipped over while looking at the picture. You may want to adjust it or make some adjustment, you can learn how to flip a picture using the Photo app.

How to Rotate and Flip a Picture

iOS does not offer this function. To mirror your pictures, you need to download a third-party application to do the work, sometimes its recommended to use a premium app to flip your picture. How to flip a photo on iPhone in a simple step, just follow the guidelines below to be able to flip a photo.

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Duplicate and rotate your selfie with QuickFlip in one motion. Simple and user-friendly. With QuickFlip, you can take the perfect snapshot in seconds. This app is ideal for those who just want the basics.

  • In the Quickflip, select the desired photo you wish to flipquickflip
  • Gently swipe the screen right or left as you desire to flip the to rotate a photo
  • Click the Save button to download the to rotate a photo

How to Rotate Your photo in the Photos app on Your iPhone

  • Click on your photo app and select the picture you want to flip
  • You will need to click the Edit to flip a picture on iphone
  • Click the crop button as shown in this picture to flip a picture
  • After which you will click on the flip to flip a picture on iphone
  • After flipping it, you can now save the picture by clicking the Done button.


Once you flip and return your selfie, you can get a perfect Instagram friendly result with a photo editing app. Add filters, adjust brightness and saturation, and sharpen and contrast your favourite photos – a photo editing app for iOS helps you refine snapshots on your phone to take photos you can be proud of. You can check more apps for iOS and macOS and get ready to take your photography to the next level. There are thousands of free editing Apps for flipping and to mirror your picture and add more filters to it.

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