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How to Connect Switch to Tv

The Nintendo Switch is a one-piece pocket computer which you can use while mobile, you need to learn how to connect Switch to Tv in case you are home and need a widescreen display.

There is a portable mode where you play with the controllers attached to the side of the switch screen. A table mode in which you press the support switch and disconnect the controllers for single or group games is available.

There is an anchored mode. This way, you can send a video stream from your console to a TV to enjoy your favourite Nintendo games on a screen it deserves to be.

A big screen is of course much better to play with friends. Playing Mario Kart as a split-screen on a 6.2-inch screen is not as good as a big screen.

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The Nintendo Switch’s screen is only 6.2 inches and has an average resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. This makes it perfect for games on the go, whether on vacation or on the go. Follow the guidelines below on How to Connect Nintendo Switch Games to Tv.

How to Connect Switch to Tv

1. If you buy a Nintendo Switch games console, you will receive a grey-black dock for this. First, you need to open the back of the docking station and disconnect two cable connections.

The top connector is for the power supply that plugs into an electrical outlet to power the console. The bottom connector is for an HDMI 2.0 cable, with one end plugged in here and the other end plugged into your TV. The switch cannot broadcast wireless content to another device. So you need a cable to do the work.

2. Once you are all connected and closed the back of the docking station, you must place your switch console in the docking station. You slide the switch into the dock from above with the screen facing forward. At the bottom of the docking station is a small connection point that can be connected to the console and easily slid onto it.

3. You can now remove the controllers from your switch. The controllers protrude from the sides of the dock and you can still reach them. All you have to do is press the small release button on the back of each Joy-Con and slide it up to take it out of the console.

Note: On How to Connect Switch to Tv. New switch purchases also come with a Joy-Con handle that you can slide the controller into.

4. Then turn on the TV and find the correct HDMI input. Many TVs have a “Source” button on the remote control or a menu for entering settings.

You can turn on Smart TVs by simply pressing the home button on your switch controller, turning on the screen and jumping straight to the correct input. However, you can also disable this function in the switch settings menu.

Note that your TV or monitor needs at least 1080p to see a graphical difference. However, the switch cannot output at 4K resolution, even if the TV can.

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