How to Block Text Messages on iPhone | How to Block Texts

how to block text messages

Sometimes do get spam messages or texts on our phones, you can learn how to block texts. It becomes annoying when you kept getting unwanted messages. You can conveniently block the individual on your iPhone.

There are some steps you need to take if you wish to block someone. The number must be saved on your phone contacts, there is actually no way to block a specific number otherwise. You can choose to create or name a contact “Spam”.

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There are two methods I will share on how to block text messages on iPhone

Method One: Block a Contact From The Message

  • All you need to do using this method is to go into the message you received from the person you intend to block
  • From the message, click on the arrow.

how to block texts

  • After clicking the Arrow above, click on “info” to to block text messages on iphone
  • The next step is to click on the arrow as seen to block texts
  • The next step after clicking on the arrow is to scroll down and click the “Block this Caller”how to block texts on iphone

Method Two on how To Block Texts on iphone: Block the Number Manually

  • Click on your Settings icon and scroll down to Messagehow to block texts on iphone
  • Scroll down and click the Blocked Contactsblock texts
  • After clicking Block Contact, click the “Add New” optionhow do you block a text
  • After which you will search for the name you choose to block and select it, this will help block do i block a text

How to Unblock a Number you Once Blocked

Follow the steps in method two, and click the edit button as shown in the image below.block text messages

  • After which you should click the unblock button on your desired contact you wished to unblock, this will.block text messages

Conclusion on How to Block texts on iPhone

That is how to How to Block Text Messages on iPhone. You will need to do this for all contacts you choose to block and also unblock on your iPhone. We hope you enjoyed it, if there is any question, kindly drop a comment and we will respond to it.

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