How To Download Youtube Video Longer Than 1 Hour


It is extremely difficult to find a converter to download YouTube video. Especially if you are in a hurry to make use of it. It can be very frustrating for you if you can’t find the legitimate and free online youtube video converter.

If it’s a 2-hour video, it may be more difficult for you, but don’t worry, because today we are here with a solution. Yes, you have read it correctly and the solution we are referring to is the YouTube downloader which is called iTubeGo.

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How the iTubeGo downloader Work

With the help of iTubeGo, you can easily convert your Youtube videos to mp4 without encountering any complications. The process is easy to understand, which is why iTubeGo is one of the most popular YouTube video converters. This converter is used by millions of people, which may answer the question to “how do I download a youtube video”.

It allows you to convert YouTube to MP4 for more than 2 hours. The best thing about this is that there are a total of two ways to do this.

Convert with  iTubeGo Online Youtube Downloader

With this method, you need to use Keepvid.Pro is basically an online youtube converter that allows you to convert and download unlimited youtube videos.

Follow the Procedure Below

  • Go directly to YouTube
  • Copy the link of the video you want to convert to mp4
  • Now go to  and paste the video link in the search field
  • Click “Download Now” and the video will be converted and downloaded instantly.

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