Best Offline GPS App For Android Devices

GPS App For Android

Before the introduction of the internet, offline maps have been existing and many use it for locating plane points, during hunting and camping. Since the introduction of the internet, we can now update and have live feeds of our location, traffic condition, pathway and where you are trying to locate with your offline GPS App for Android or any available devices.

Today we use almost all of our smartphones for GPS navigation and thanks to the widespread mobile internet we draw our maps live from the internet. It’s a great time for technology, but there are still times when you need offline GPS navigation especially when the internet is down or in time of emergencies like natural disasters or others.

Best GPS App For Android Devices

Google Map

It’s the GPS app that you almost certainly already have on your Android phone, but it’s also a great offline GPS solution. You can preload your local area or certain regions so that the navigation continues to work if your connection is not working. You may not be able to access all of these wonderful cloud-based features, such as B. Live traffic information. However, you still get the same Maps app. With support for walking, cycling and driving and a state-of-the-art user interface, this should be the first stop for most people in need of an offline map app.

Polaris GPS

There are two versions of this GPS application, the free version with advertising and a paid version without advertising and with some additional features. However, for most people, the free version of Polaris is more than enough. Unlike most apps on this list, Polaris is not intended to replace Google Maps. Instead, it is a special tool for outdoor types. So if you enjoy hiking in remote places but the idea of ​​becoming a missing person doesn’t matter, Polaris GPS is a great choice.

There are maps and special features for hiking, hunting, sailing and fishing. Polaris also offers a compass tool and plenty of sensor data to help you survive far from civilization. If this looks like you, download this app today.

Handy GPS

You can find three different versions of Handy GPS in the Google Play Store. A free version, a subscription version and then a premium version with an initial price. The free version does not include offline maps but does offer basic offline GPS services for Android without an internet connection. In particular, live data about position, height, speed, the direction of travel etc. are displayed. You can record your position, record your motion logs and do other technical exercises, such as B. View the position of GPS satellites.

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Sygic is one of the most popular GPS apps for Android. This author even uses it as a backup when Google Maps cannot establish a working connection. Maps can be downloaded for offline use with detailed navigation. There is a paid option for Sygic, but the features available only for the paid version are not essential for most users. These include HUD mode, on-board camera recording, live traffic information and route setting. Only the latter can be tempting to most people, but the premium features really are for those who make a living, such as delivery drivers and truck drivers.

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