How to Fix Discord JavaScript Error | Recommended Methods

discord javascript error

Discord JavaScript Error exists when you like to play and stream games with Discord. Then some of you can probably run into this Discord JavaScript error that occurred in the main process in Window 10. Don’t worry if you encounter this problem, it is very easy to fix it by just following the tutorial below.

This problem usually occurs because of a corrupt installation or files when the computer shuts down. It’s easy to fix this, I will show you two recommended easy methods to fix it.

  • Uninstall And Reinstall Discord

Some of the Discord errors that can be corrected are “Javascript Discord Error”, “Javascript error has occurred in the main process” and “A Fatal Javascript Error has Occurred Discord”.

In most cases, the first method fixes the Discord’s Javascript error. However, if the problem persists, your installation files may be damaged. To solve this problem, just remove the Discord from your computer and reinstall it again.


  • Close the Discord application in the system tray and in Task Manager.
  • Now open the Control Panel and under Programs select the Uninstall a program option, select Discord and uninstall there.
  • Use the first method to remove all temporary Discord files from “AppData” and “LocalAppData”.
  • After uninstalling, go to this website and download and install the Discord app.
  • After installation is complete, you can now use Discord without JavaScript errors.

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2. Exclude Discord from Windows Security

Windows Security receives a new patch almost every week to better protect your computer. Therefore, sometimes Windows Discord Services sees malware and does not allow it to pass through the system. For this reason, the Discord Javascript error that occurred in the main process can occur. To fix this problem, you need to exclude Discord from Windows security.

javascript error

  • Open Windows Security in Settings and select Virus and Threat Protection.
  • In the Virus and threat protection settings, select the manage settings.
  • Under Exclusions, click Add or Remove Exclusions, and then click Add Exclusion. Then select the process and locate the Discord.exe file.
  • Once you have added Discord to the exclusion list, Windows will no longer consider it a threat and Discord will now work without any problems.

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