How to Disable Active Background Data on Android Devices

We sometimes see that our data cap is getting exhausted on time without really understanding why. Android developers see to this and made sure there are measures to take in order to reduce or stop data from been zapped especially on social media Apps. There are many ways to make sure your data cap is intact and not used without your consent, disabling background data for individual App such as TutuApp will do the work effectively.

You will choose which App runs on data in the background and which one doesn’t, This will give you more metrics to track how your internet data cap is used at the background. There are simple steps for this to work.

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Note that this background restriction will keep working unless you decide to un-restrict the selected App previously chosen for this exercise, The restriction will work on Wifi capability and mobile data capability, the reason for this is that some may be using public wifi which doesn’t seem to be a financial burden unless the wifi belongs to you. As many users prefer to choose restriction on mobile data.

It should also be noted that Android OS doesn’t select which can work for this restriction. It works for Android 7.0, Kitkat and even Lollipop and any version below it. Many users end up restricting important Apps like Instagram and Whatsapp App and they get to think their phones are faulty.

How to Disable Android Background of Data Consumption

Like I said earlier there are many ways to disable background data for Android devices, for Mobile data and wifi. This will save a lot of money and worry for many individuals who think their Apps such as Instagram and Whatsapp are zapping too much of data

The first step is to toggle to the settings button and scroll down to the App button and click it to see various App.


Various Apps will display which is believed you installed, also some pre-installed Apps may be listed too. Too many Apps can also be responsible for a considerate amount of data to be zapped in the background. It is always advised to uninstall and delete Apps you no longer need to free up space and also save your data. Click on the App you will like to restrict its data consumption in the background. I selected Apple Music as an example.

After selecting the App, toggle to Data usage

After clicking the Data usage, toggle to either restrict wifi, Background data or both. This will restrict data from been zapped at the background.


Background Data usage on Android are normal and also at by default if you feel you are not needing any particular App, kindly uninstall or, if you think you may need it in the nearest future, kindly restrict background data usage to save you cost of operating your device.

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